Share the Love

Next Generation Leadership and Next Generation Prep Academy leads the Share the Love project, a signature community service project held each year for Valentine’s Day. They package roses and care packages containing food and toiletries items to be received by those experiencing homelessness, the women’s shelter, and the elderly. Since 2013, we have distributed over 3500 roses and care packages throughout the Athens Community.

College send off event

Cultivating a Lifetime of Legacy has provided over 360 survival care packages to recent high school graduates who have decided to further their education at a two or four-year college or university. Additionally, we have provided over $15,000 in scholarships to Athens and surrounding counties.

Social Justice Symposium at the University of Georgia

Our Executive Director Kimberly Bennett and Community Outreach Coordinator Cassandra Stephens presented at the 3rd annual Social Justice Symposium on changing youth and young adults’ lives through mentoring. They share the impact that mentoring had on their relationship and how Ms. Kim became Cassandra’s mentor when she was in high school and continued throughout her college journey.

Ignite an Ember of Hope Gala

On February 20, 2015, Cultivating a Lifetime of Legacy Inc. hosted our first Ignite an Ember of Hope Gala that honored two remarkable ladies Ms. Elizabeth Alder and Mrs. Lois M. Craig, with our People Like You Awards. In celebration of our 10th anniversary will host our second Ignite an Ember of Hope Gala in September of 2022.

National Mentoring Month event

In recognition of National Mentoring Month in January, Cultivating a Lifetime of Legacy, host our annual “Brunch with the Mentors” event to celebrate local mentors and provide helpful techniques to help mentors build better relationships with their mentees.