For more than eight years, Cultivating a Lifetime of Legacy has helped youth rise from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and strive to help them reach their full potential. Providing long-term mentors, resources, and opportunities on their journey to college and into their careers equips youth to become self-sufficient and productive citizens in our community.

We make an impact by investing in youth’s lives through education, mentoring, and career development.
We make an impact by providing excellent services to our students and families and being present when it counts by providing supportive, caring adults.

We have made a difference in the lives of 260 youth and families having 90% completing a certificated, associated, or bachelor’s degree, 89% of our gainful employed with jobs making a living wage, 99% high graduation rate or equivalent.

By fulfilling our mission of strengthening communities by empowering youth and young
adults to become self-sufficient.